PixelPressIcons » “Clickworthy” Toolbar Icon Expansion Pack

“Clickworthy” Toolbar Icon Expansion Pack

Looking for something unusual for your application or website? The Clickworthy Expansion Pack offers unique icons and metaphors that you won’t find anywhere else.

This set is no longer available for purchase but previous customers who need to re-download the icons may contact us via email.

Bell, Service Bell, Eight Ball, Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Chalkboard, Crayon, Compass, Plant, Sprout, Plate, Fork, Popcorn, Coffee, Tea, Popsicle, Lollipo, Chef Hat, Match, Matches, Lantern, Paper Lantern, Radio, Gear Shift, Drill, Tool, Swiss Army Knife, Bomb, Dynamite, TNT, Pen, Shovel, Triangle, Bandaid, Highlighter, Guitar, Glasses, Pen, #D Glasses, Bicycle, Taxi, Bus, Sign Post, Directins, Map, Candy Dispenser, Whistle

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