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“Clickworthy” Toolbar Icon Collection

The “Clickworthy” Toolbar Icon Collection offers web, iPhone, iPad and desktop application developers modern and bold 32×32 and 48×48 pixel renditions of the most essential icons. This set is no longer available for purchase but previous customers who need to re-download the icons may contact us via email.

Bowler Hat, Applications, Address Book, Search, Bookmark, Book, Add Bookmark, Delete, Calculator, Calendar, Shipping, Box, Cardboard, Breifcase, Attache Case, Graph, Pie Chart, Clipboard, Clock, Alarm, Color, Swatches, Badge, Name Tag, Contact, Dashboard, CD, DVD, Monitor, Screensaver, Printer, Document, Documents, External Drive, Hard Drive, Flags. Folder, Text, Highlight, Font, Games, Joystick, Settings, Preferences, Gear, Key, Lifesaver, Home, Stop, Go, Stoplight, Lock, Unlock, Mail, Stamp, Megaphone, Chat, Bubble, Film, Note, Music, Server, Notes, Picture, Frame, Public, Stop, Sign, Sound, Speaker, Star, Sticky, Post It, Tag, Knife, Pencil, Eraser, Hammer, Lasso, Paint Bucket, Brush, Glue, Stamp, Eye Dropper, Magnifier, Finger, Smudge, Magic, Wand

Summary of Terms of Use

The icons you purchase from me may be used for personal or commercial use. The purchase of the icons is a one-time fee and you will not be charged a royalty for their use.

You may also modify the icons and create derivative works but my original icons and/or any derivative works may not be redistributed or resold. You can include the icons in designs you create for clients but ownership cannot be transferred. You cannot use the icons in business logos. All icons are Copyright 2009 © Gary W. Gehiere.

This is only a summary of the license agreement. You may read the agreement in it’s entirety by downloading License Agreement.txt

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