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PixelPress Icons was founded in 1996 by Gary Gehiere. He’s currently working exclusively for Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. He lives in Campbell, California with his wife, daughter and cat. You can find out more about by Gary on his personal website.


Sorry, we’re not taking commissions or freelance projects for the foreseeable future. Need a designer? Here’s a list of some good people whose work we like:

Metalabs Design
Jelly Labs
Pixel Resort

About The “Chiclet-Beta” WordPress Theme

“Chiclet” is designed to be a clean, white WordPress theme that features the use of bold icons and graphics with pixel-level detail. It is designed to exude minimalism and it accomplishes this through the use of icons instead of standing text links and the elimination of many blog fixtures such as calendars and blog rolls.

Because we love icons we think it’s important that this site feature icons in it’s navigation system. Only a portion of our visitors speak english so icons are used to direct visitors to the content they are seeking.

The font face used throughout the theme is Helvetica Neue.

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