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“Whitespace” Icon Collection

Whitespace Stock iPhone Tool Bar and Tab Bar Icons

Icons, Ready To Go

Get your app or website to market faster with the most complete set of stock glyph-style icons available anywhere. All the basics are here plus hundreds of icons for niches like finance, GPS points-of-interest, multimedia and gaming.

Everything You Need

The Pixel Collection comes in the most popular iPhone toolbar and tab bar sizes: 60×60, 30×30 and 20×20 pixels in PNG format.

The Vector Collection includes the same sizes but also includes vector Photoshop PSDs and editable Acrobat PDFs for scaling to any size you like. If you want to use the icons in print or at sizes larger than 60×60 pixels then this is the collection you need. Both collections include the icons in two tones: black and white both with alpha channel.

This set is no longer available for purchase but previous customers who need to re-download the icons may contact us via email.

iPhone Icons, Tool Bar Icons, Tool Tab Icons, Glyphs, Pictograms, 30x30, 20x20, ATM Card, Add Chat, Add to Cloud, Airplane, Alarm, Anchor, Angle, Announcer Microphone, Aperture, Arrow Down, Arrow Left, Arrow Right, Arrow Up, Attach, Bank, Bar Graph 1, Bar Graph 2, Bar Graph 3, Basket, Beer, Black Moleskine, Bold, Bookmark, Bow Tie, Breifcase, Brightness, Broom, Calendar Day of Week, Calendar Day, Calendar Month, Calendar Week, Camera, Camping, Cardboard Box, Chat, Chats, Checkmark, Clipboard Alt 1, Clipboard Alt 2, Clipboard, Clock, Closed Combination Lock, Closed Mail, Cloud, Coffee, Compass, Compress, Contact, Contrast, Crop, Cue End, Cue Forward, Cue Pause, Cue Play, Cue Reverse, Cue Start, Cue Stop, Cut, DSLR Camera, Database, Desktop, Detour, Directions, Document Alt 1, Document, Documents, Download, Electrical, Equalizer, Fade In, Fade Out, Filing Cabinet, Film Camera, Film Roll, Filter, First Aid, Flag, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Folder, Font Decrease, Font Increase, Font, Food, For Sale, Fuel, Game Controls, Game Piece Knight, Game Piece Rook, Gear, Gift, Globe, Go Light, Golf, Grocery Bag, Guage, Guitar, Gym, Headphones, Heart, Home, Instruction, Italic, Key, Keyboard, Keypad, Level, Library, License, Light Off, Light On, Lightning Bolt, Line Graph 1, Line Graph 2, Line Graph 3, Line Graph 4, Link, List with Bullets, List with Numbers, List, Lock, Lodging, Loop, Magnet, Marker, Medal Coin, Medal Square, Medal Star, Megaphone, Microphone, Mix, Moleskine, Monitor, Movie, Music, Navigation Map, Needle, Newspaper, No Sound, Notes, Oil, Open Combination Lock, Open Mail, PC, Paint Roller, Pan, Paragraph Center, Paragraph Justify, Paragraph Left, Paragraph Right, Parked Car, Parking, Paste, Pencil, Phone, Piano Keys, Picture, Pie Graph, Pilcrow, Pills, Plant, Plumbing, Polaroid, Portfolio, Print, Puzzle Piece Alt 1, Puzzle Piece Alt 2, Puzzle Piece Alt 3, Quote, Radio Tower, Radio, Record, Refresh, Reload, Reminder, Remote, Remove Chat, Remove Red Eye, Remove from Cloud, Remove, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter Clockwise, Ruler, Rx, Safe, Save Chat, Scale, Scanner, Settings, Ship's Wheel, Shopping Bag, Shopping Cart, Shopping Trolley, Shuffle, Shuttle, Slideshow, Sort Alphabetically, Sort Reverse Alphabetically, Sound Down, Sound Up, Sound, Speed, Spreadsheet, Star, Steering Wheel, Stop Light, Stop Sign, Stop Watch, Strikethrough, T-Shirt, TV, Tag, Target, Terminal, Thermometer, Thumb Tack, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Tickets, Tie, Tools, Top Scores, Trailer Camping, Train, Trash Alt 1, Trash Alt 2, Treble Clef, Trophy, Umbrella, Underline, University, Unlocked, Upload to Cloud, Upload, User Picture, User With Bow Tie, User With Name Tag, User With Tie, User, Users, Video Camera, Video, Violin, Wallet, Weight, Widescreen, Wifi Off, Wifi On, Wizard, Wooden Crate, Wrench, X-Mark, Astronomy, Telescope, Points of Interest, Android, iPhone, Toolbar, GTD, Getting Things Done, Inbox, Outbox, Gambling, Poker, Dice, Playing, Cards, Chess, Pawn, Rook, Weather, Rain, Wind, Sun, Lasso, Brush, Paint Brush, Bandage, Photo Tools

Summary of Terms of Use

The icons you purchase from me may be used for personal or commercial use. The purchase of the icons is a one-time fee and you will not be charged a royalty for their use.

You may also modify the icons and create derivative works but my original icons and/or any derivative works may not be redistributed or resold. You can include the icons in designs you create for clients but ownership cannot be transferred. You cannot use the icons in business logos. All icons are Copyright 2009 © Gary W. Gehiere.

This is only a summary of the license agreement. You may read the agreement in it’s entirety by downloading License Agreement.txt

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