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Icons: Album Icons

Everybody’s got some music in their collection that for whatever reason has no artwork. Maybe it’s something you recorded yourself, ripped off an old cassette or (*gasp*) bootlegged. Missing artwork was never a big deal before coverflow appeared in iTunes and apps like CoverSutra put album artwork right on your desktop.

This is a collection of artwork I made to adorn those blank albums in your collection. Even though these are definitely pixel works in appearance I think you’ll find they look good next to the rest of the albums in your library.

Tell me if you like them, maybe I’ll make some more.

I haven’t counted but there’s probably dozens of iTunes controller apps out there that put a remote control and album art right on the desktop. The most popular being Bowtie, CoverSutraSizzling Keys and Synergy. I’m surprised that none have a feature to display genre-specific generic album art for albums that have no cover art. I’m just throwing that idea out there for anyone to use.

Two years ago I had an idea to create a few “media” icons for songs in my iTunes library: a cassette, a record, items of that nature and all with transparent backgrounds. You might be curious about why I composed all of my icons to be squares, instead of icons with transparent backgrounds and irregular shapes? Well, when I copied and pasted my artwork into iTunes it initially appeared correctly but when I restarted the transparency was removed and the background was changed to white! I even tried manually pasting the artwork with an alpha channel into the song file but iTunes actually removed it after starting up.

I found some ways (such as locking the file) to stop iTunes from doing this but all the solutions were ugly. Maybe someday Apple will add transparency support to iTunes but for now we’ll have to accept that all album art will have to be square.

I hope you’ve found my icons useful and this post interesting.

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