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Icons: Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl Icon

I made this icon in the spring but just finished it off today. You may detect that this looks a little different from my usual work and the reason would be that it is based on a render of a 3D model that I made. Usually any renders that I use are only for reference and completely re-drawn in Illustrator and Photoshop but most of the pixels in this icon came directly from the render.

Click the image at the top of this post to download the icon. The download contains the icon in PNG, ICNs and Mac Folder format.

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4 Responses to “Icons: Singing Bowl”

  1. Rain Gray says:

    Thanks for the singing bowl icon, it’s very realistic! Personally, I’ve found incredible Tibetan singing bowls at http://www.Bodhisattva.com They’ve got a wonderful website with tons of really high quality photos, Mp3 sound samples, videos, history of the bowls, etc. They ship worldwide and offer a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee. And they give a percent of their profits every year to the International Campaign for Tibet. Check it out!

  2. Great Icon! you may be interested in our shop, which has a wide range of meditation, sound therapy tools and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls

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