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Icons: CoRD and Apple Remote Desktop Replacements

One of my Macs is reserved for technical duties so the dock is full of utilities. Once I got the Terminal, Activity Monitor, ARD Administrator and CoRD side by side the differences in these icons began to really nag at me.

So I made some icons for ARD and CoRD that will look like they belong with the Terminal and Activity Monitor, and thought I’d share them. Nothing special, obvious design. Click the above image to download the icons in ICNS, PNG and folder format.

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5 Responses to “Icons: CoRD and Apple Remote Desktop Replacements”

  1. Great stuff! posted on: weloveicons.com

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks! Love your site and check it often 🙂

  3. Wallpapers says:

    A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….what theme is this you are using and also, where is your RSS button ?

  4. Andrew (RedChaos) says:

    Thanks a lot! Hope that you’ll continue your site as it helps us find old but great icon packs that most of us had forgotten! Thanks again!

  5. Gary says:

    I’m using “Pixeled” theme, which I’ve modified with my own background, text and some of my own icons. My RSS button is supposed to be in the upper right corner – is it missing when you view the blog?

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