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Icons: Alt Users

This is a joke. I set up a lot of Macs and assigning that grumpy bulldog or the soccer ball to user accounts gets a little saccharin after a while. What if the user icons let us express our inner pirate or Sherlock Holmes?

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Old Icons: Chamber Orchestra

icons, dock icons, mac os x icons, violin, cello, piano, sheet music, tuning fork, metronome

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  • 1 May 09
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Old Icons: Generic Applications

Generic Applications Icon Set

This icon set (and only this icon set) is realeased under a special license which will allow software developers to use this set of 7 icons in their projects. Please read the “readme” file in the download for more information.

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  • 1 May 09
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Old Icons Archive: All of Them!

doane, note pad, menu shade, pzizz, superstition, wish bone, shooting star, window, horse shoe, lucky, good luck, luck, fez, red fez, black cat, eight ball, magic, four leaf clover, mind map, GTD, hipster, pda, cassette tape, vintage, light bulb, shipping, tape gun, scale, weight, moleskine, moleskin, notebook, golf, shoes, flag, hole, driver, xcode, renamer, medals, gentleman's den, whisky, antlers, cigars, bees, bee hive, honey comb, sunflower, honey, life jacket, canoe paddles, classic, tomb stone, network map, caliper, swiss army knife, monkey wrench, mac classic, kubricks, bento, add, arrow, breifcase, aluminum, portfolio, miner's helmet, pick axe, web devil, do not disturb, door hanger, rock miner, slot racer, sd icon, hard drive, replacement

This is a big ol’ box of all my icons from 2002 to 2007 which is about 80 icons in total. You can view a preview of pretty much the entire collection after the jump, or view my old website and download individual icons here. (more…)

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