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Icons: Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl Icon

I made this icon in the spring but just finished it off today. You may detect that this looks a little different from my usual work and the reason would be that it is based on a render of a 3D model that I made. Usually any renders that I use are only for reference and completely re-drawn in Illustrator and Photoshop but most of the pixels in this icon came directly from the render.

Click the image at the top of this post to download the icon. The download contains the icon in PNG, ICNs and Mac Folder format.

Whitespace Stock Icon Collection

Icons: Vintage Apple II & Mac Classic

These icons are the logical next step in my last few icon releases – vintage Apple computers! Download them here. Archive contains PNG, ICNs and Mac folders.

Icons: Vintage Floppies And Drives

Vintage Floppies And Drives

These are not the most useful of icons but perhaps they will be of interest to the handful of people out there who have to get something off an old floppy once in a while – people like me! I have an Apple II and a Mac Classic in my basement and whenever I come across them while getting out the summer camping gear or putting away the Christmas decorations I remember, with great fondness, the early days of computing. Maybe I can share some of that with you, through these icons!

If you like this then please check out the desktop pictures I made using the same artwork. Archive contains PNG, ICNs and Mac folders.

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  • 31 Jul 09
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Icons: Typewriters

One of my many rejected designs for this website featured icons for each page on the site. One of those icons was a typewriter and I’d totally forgotten about it until today. Rather than let it collect anymore pixel dust I’ve polished it up, added some colors and posted it here. The download includes PNGs, ICNs and Mac folders. I hope you like it!

If you’d like to see the design it came from check out the screenshot by clicking on the preview below.

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  • 9 Jul 09
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Icons: Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons 30x30 Pixels

These are the first icons I’ve developed specifically for iPhone developers, and I’m giving them away for free for anyone to use commercially under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada license. You may use or modify these icons in any way as long as you credit www.pixelpressicons.com.

If you have any suggestions for how I can make them better, please comment or send me an email — I’m very interested to hear how they work out. If you want more of these icons or need vector files please visit my stock iPhone toolbar icons shop.

Update: This collection now includes 60×60 pixel versions of the icons.

Icons: “Carbon” Replacement Icons for UnRarX

Replacement UnRarX Icons

There’s lots of archive managers for Mac OS X but there are times where the only one that will do the job I need is UnRarX. I love the app but think the icons needed a little updating. Here’s my shot-from-the-hip make over – color versions of the toolbar icons are in the works.

Icons: Album Icons

Everybody’s got some music in their collection that for whatever reason has no artwork. Maybe it’s something you recorded yourself, ripped off an old cassette or (*gasp*) bootlegged. Missing artwork was never a big deal before coverflow appeared in iTunes and apps like CoverSutra put album artwork right on your desktop.

This is a collection of artwork I made to adorn those blank albums in your collection. Even though these are definitely pixel works in appearance I think you’ll find they look good next to the rest of the albums in your library.


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  • 15 May 09
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Icons: CoRD and Apple Remote Desktop Replacements

One of my Macs is reserved for technical duties so the dock is full of utilities. Once I got the Terminal, Activity Monitor, ARD Administrator and CoRD side by side the differences in these icons began to really nag at me.

So I made some icons for ARD and CoRD that will look like they belong with the Terminal and Activity Monitor, and thought I’d share them. Nothing special, obvious design. Click the above image to download the icons in ICNS, PNG and folder format.

Old Icons: Pirates

Pirates Icon Set - mac, os x, dock, icons, pirates, anchor, flintlock pistol, ship's wheel, canon, pirate ship, jolly roger

One of my most popular icon sets of all time. Please remember: these icons are for personal desktop use only and cannot be used on a website or in a software program. Don’t even bother asking.

Old Icons: Pixel Feng Shui

Pixel Feng Shui Icon Set

This icon set was my entrance into the Iconfactory’s Pixelpalooza Contest 2002. I won the “People’s Choice Award” for this entry. Also, users of Apple’s iChat may be familiar with these icons because Apple has used some of them for iChat’s built-in buddy pictures.

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